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And then I said "Oatmeal are you crazy?" 

16 deviants said Turns out it was I who was crazy for talking to a bowl of oatmeal
13 deviants said pffft If you think Oatmeal's crazy talk to sir Lintsalot
11 deviants said Yes
10 deviants said Well what else are we going to serve? Daisies?

So I got SSB3DS

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2015, 7:12 PM
Yes I know I'm late on the Uptake. Blow me

Either way there are a lot of things I love about the new SSB and a lot of things I don't like. My Two Biggest peeves. Have to be Zelda not Turning into Sheik on the Down B. And Samus /Zero Suit Samus not flip flopping on Final Smashes.

I absolutely HATE that Zelda and Sheik are different characters now. It makes playing both of them an Absolute pain. especially with my play style. The thing I loved most about them being the same character and flip flopping was that mid game you could change to totally different tactics and if you knew what you were doing they complemented each other BIG TIME. Now they dont have much of a balance to their major drawbacks. Ya they were tweaked and are playable. but they're completely different now. :/

The Samus' switch isn't backed in any serious mechanics and play tactics I like/use. I just thought it was cool shit.

I noticed they nerfed Link again. No surprise there, he's pretty OP if you know what your'e doing and are good at doing it. unlike most "middle ground characters" Link was never well rounded. especially in 64 and Melee. He's always been Heavy, Agile, Fast strike , and a Power hitter and not "a little bit of all" Like mario or something. These stats were spiked. He's hard to launch. can sprint and maneuver with ease. had rapid multi strikes, and huge power strikes. on top of that he has a couple long range attack that aren't half bad. If you knew what you were doing you were able to dance circle around pikachu and send DK and bowser Flying. Which also Makes him hard to play. His quick attacks had little damage and his heavy swings were really slow. his bow had shitty range unless you charged it. which left you really open. and the boomerang had weird aim. Which is why most people never play him seriously. and most I saw weren't too good. I think I was the only one who ever had him as a first choice in more serious settings. I found in 3DS they took away that long chain of quick strikes, and made him slower. his heavy strikes got beefed though. and I like what they did with the shield making it stop ranged attacks. Not so much a qualm as an observation though, He still plays almost the exact same and like IU said. they keep nerfing him. Also cant Remember if the hookshot grabbing ledges is new or not. I know in 64 it could grab any wall but I'm pretty sure that was removed in Melee. and I'm not sure if the hook shot could grab ledges like in 3DS *shrugs*

Like what they did with Falco's reflecter. but I find him really weird to play. that being said most of my experience with smash is 64 and Melee. never played much Brawl. So I'm used to him being a Fox Clone

Also the Amiibos are cool shit. Training them is Fun as Fuck. 

other than that. Lots of fun. I really like this one. definitely better than brawl
though I'm a little sad at how easy the character unlocks are. Compared to Melee I mean. I remember Mewtwo and Mr Game and watch being hell to unlock.


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Hi my name is L9OBL, and I like to tell stories, I'm no good at writing so I draw them instead. Picture's worth a thousand words right? I'm also apparently the guy behind the surprisingly popular Fallout Equestria Comic, but don't ask me when the next issue is coming out cause even I don't know .

Commissions are OPEN!

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BerryTube Shot Glasses:
Shot Glasses!so i'm reopening commissions for the BT Shot glasses! they are 15$ per individual Glass or 30$ per set of 6! (prices do not include shipping)
Here are the designs
We are the innibriati: 

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But yeah, like seriously, get a shot glass, i need the money for a new car, I'm also trying to save a bit of money to get a bunch of mirrored stainless steel to do more stuff like my twily engraving. I'll do a full on pricing guide on monday or tuesday for other commissions.


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